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Submitting Assignments in Moodle
Last Updated 9 months ago

  1. Locate the relevant Assignment Summary page within your unit.
  2. Select the green Add Submission button.
  3. From the File Submission box that appears, you may either drag the relevant files from your desktop into the active box, or select the Add. ...
  4. If you have selected the Add.
  5. Click on Upload a file, then click Browse.
  6. Navigate to the assignment file you created in step 3 above, then select the file and click Open. Click the Upload this file button.
    A screenshot of File picker dialog box where you can upload your assignment
  7. You will see your uploaded file within the file submission box. Click on Save changes to continue.
    A screenshot of File submissions screen where a Word Document icon is now appeared inside the Files Drag and Drop box

    Note: Keep going! Your work is not submitted quite yet!

  8. You may click the Edit submission button to add or replace uploaded files before finalizing.

  9. To finalize your submission, Click on the Submit assignment button. Note that your assignement is not yet fully submitted and is still in Draft status until you Submit the assignment.
    A screenshot of the Moodle Assignment screen where Submit assignment button is highlighted at the bottom of the Edit submission button
  10. If the Assignment submission statement is displayed, Check the box to confirm that the assignment is your own work, and then click the Continue button to confirm the submission.

    Note: Once you click "Continue" you will not be able to make any more changes.

    A screenshot of a warning message where you are required to give consent that the assignment is your own work and you are ready to submit it for grading
  11. When the Submission Status displays as "Submitted for grading" your professor has your work and will grade it as discussed in your course syllabus.
    screenshot of Submitted for Grading screen

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