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How to find if my Computer Drive is SSD or HDD on Windows 10 / 8 / 7
Last Updated 5 months ago

HDDs are traditional storage devices with spinning platters that read and write data. SSDs use newer technology that stores data on instantly accessible memory chips. SSDs are faster, quieter, smaller, consume less energy, and more durable. HDDs are cheaper, have more storage capacity, and offer easier data recovery if damaged.

Here are 2 easy methods to find if your computer drive is SSD or HDD in Windows 10/8/7, without using third-party software.

Method 1: Find If Your Drive is SSD or HDD Using Disk Defragmenter
Simply press the Windows key + R keyboard shortcut to open the Run box, type dfrgui and press Enter


When the Disk Defragmenter window is shown, look for the Media type column and you can find out which drive is solid state drive (SSD), and which one is hard disk drive (HDD).


Method 2: Find If Your Drive is SSD or HDD Using PowerShell
Open the PowerShell as administrator, and type the following command and press Enter:


The command will list all physical disks connected to your computer. The MediaType parameter can help you identify what type is your disk drive, HDD or SSD.


That’s it!

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